It’s no secret that worldwide fiber hemp oil, which is rapidly becoming popular, is attracting more and more interest. People look to these products to improve their quality of life when they don’t want to or for some reason can’t use synthetic medications. Of course, CBD oil is by no means a medicine, but customers who have experienced the positive therapeutic benefits are happy with improved sleep, reduced stress levels, and increased energy. Among our returning customers, we often get representatives from the world of sports. They choose CBD oil to maintain an optimal physical and mental state, especially before upcoming competitions, when maximum preparation is required.

Athletes prefer CBD isolate, i.e. for the purest form of CBD (cannabidiol), because it is very important that the psychoactive substance (THC) is completely (to 0%) removed from the product. Although currently the permissible rate of THC in EU is up to 0.2%, not infrequently before important competitions, during a blood test, there should be no traces of THC at all. For this reason, HEMP SPECTRUM BALTICS suggests choosing isolate-based CBD products, so that sports people can be calm about the absence of unwanted substances in the blood.

There are many scientific articles, one of which you can read at the National Library of Medicine portal: , where CBD oil is described as helping to recover from fatigue with exercise associated muscle damage, etc.

We boldly recommend CBD oil to athletes who want to achieve high results and also to all other people who care about their well-being.

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